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Air seeder sold for $146,000

Things I know.

I know $146,000 is a lot of dough for a four-year-old air seeder. Actually, $146K is a lot of money to pay for any piece of used equipment. The air seeder I'm talking about was the 2004 JD 1890 no-till, 42 1/2 foot seeder with 2004 JD 1910 commodity cart (430 bu.) sold Tuesday (April 1, 2008) on a farm auction in north-central North Dakota.

For $146,000.

What else do I know? Hmm, let me see. I know I've run across a few rolling harrows sold at auction here lately. I'm always interested to see what these things sell for. Check out what these Unverferth rolling harrows recently sold for (Each harrow listed sold at auction so far in 2008.):

Unverferth 14' rolling harrow, west-central Nebraska: $5,200

Unverferth 220, 36' rolling harrow, northwest Kentucky: $7,100

Unverferth 220, 37' rolling harrow, north-central Michigan: $10,500

Unverferth 225, 24' rolling harrow, south-central Idaho: $10,000

Unverferth 26' rolling harrow, north-central Indiana: $7,000

Unverferth 28' rolling harrow, southwest Kentucky: $4,000

Unverferth 37' rolling harrow, west-central Michigan: $2,700

Unverferth 37' rolling harrow, northeast Missouri: $8,900

Back on March 7, 2008, on an auction in east-central Minnesota, a JD 8870 with 3,502 hours sold for $79,000, the highest sale price for a JD 8870 since 1998. I had to go back six years, to 2002, to find any 8870s sold for $70,000 or more. This was the same auction that saw a JD 455 30-foot grain drill in like new condition sell for $46,000.

Here's another goodie for you. Staying in North Dakota, on March 12, 2008, a 1994 JD 8970 4WD tractor with 2,139 hours sold for $95,000 on a sale in east-central North Dakota. Ninety-five thousand ($95,000) is the highest sale price I've seen in 10 years on a JD 8970.

Click here to download additional sale price data on John Deere 8870 four-wheel drive tractors.

Click here to download additional sale price data on John Deere 8970 four-wheel drive tractors.

Things I know.

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