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Grain truck prices soar

When you scan an auction sale bill, what catches your eye?

Probably the tractors or combine first, right? Are they late model? How many hours do they have? How do they look in the pictures on the bill? Or maybe the planter, tillage or hay equipment items if that's what you're looking to buy at the moment.

Used grain trucks?

Not exactly the sexiest things on any sale, are they? I've been covering farm machinery auctions for 18+ years and I know used grain trucks have always sort of seemed to be on the back burner. They're on every sale. They sell for what they always sell for. Big whoop, right?

Not any more.

Auction sale prices on all types of used grain trucks are popping higher. Noticeably higher here in the last three months. It seems I can't go more than two or three days without getting another auction sale price report from somewhere in the country with a very high sale price on a truck.

Take last Saturday (January 19, 2008) for example. From northeast Iowa came word of the 1981 Ford LS9000 that sold for $33,300. This tandem axle truck had a 20-foot aluminum grain box and 571,232 miles (20,601 miles on overhaul).

This truck is 27 years old and still sold for $33,300!

Another high-selling Ford came in Tuesday, January 22, 2008. On an auction in south-central Nebraska, a 1994 model L8000 sold for $39,500. This twin screw, tandem-axle grain truck had a 20-foot aluminum box with roll tarp and 230,645 miles.

More from last Saturday: a 1986 IHC 2525 conventional cab with L10 Cummins, twin screw, with 22-foot silage box and hoist, sold for $17,000 on an auction in east-central Michigan.

From last Friday (January 18, 2008) on an auction in south-central Kansas: a 1975 Chevy C65 with 18-foot steel box, 52-inch
sides, roll tarp and 40,398 miles. It sold for $18,000. How about the 1974 Chevy C60 sold December 3, 2007, on a sale in northeast Missouri for $9,500? This truck had a 15-foot bed, 53-inch sides, tarp and 73,515 miles.

I could go on and on.

Last week I saw three Ford F600s sell at auction. Each sold for between $5,200 and $5,400. In all of 2007, I only saw two F600s sell for more money at auctions throughout the US.

Bottom line is this. There is just a very, very high level of demand out there right now for good solid used farm trucks. If you're looking to buy, be prepared to pay more than you were thinking to get what you want.

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When you scan an auction sale bill, what catches your eye?

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