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Machinery Pete: Nebraska sales red hot

I noticed something this week.

Perhaps its because the number of machinery auctions has been so very low throughout the month of January, could be part of the reason I noticed. Or maybe its just as simple as the old "if you beat me over the head long enough, I'll get it" mantra.

So what did I notice?

Another beauty of a farm auction was held last Saturday (January 24, 2009) in northeast Nebraska. Lee Valley Auction & Realty had this sale. Below is a fun little slideshow featuring 10 pieces of equipment sold on this sale. You can see pictures of the items sold along with what each item sold for, plus links to see other similar pieces of equipment I've seen sold on other auctions around the country the last few years.

Very interesting (and fun) to compare these sale prices I think. You can learn a lot.

For example, the JD 637 disk, a 37'10" model, sold for $37,000 on the Nebraska sale last Saturday, that's the highest sale price I've ever seen for a JD 637 disk, and not just by an eyelash either. Previous high auction sale price was $30,750 for a 2005 model JD 637 disk (32') sold 12/28/06 on an auction in southwest Iowa.

The 1998 Wilson 42-foot grain trailer sold for $25,500? That's the second highest auction sale price I've run across on Wilson 42-footers, just a shade off the all-time high price of $26,000 from back on a sale 12/9/05 in west-central Iowa.

Don't think there's still a lot of interesting stuff happening in the fertilizer market? Here's more proof, the 1,600 gallon Ag Chem Terragator 1603T with 2,670 hours sold for $40,000 on the Nebraska sale Saturday.


Just compare what the other 1603Ts have sold for over the years. Nothing close touching $40K.

The 10 items in the slideshow (see below) are just a sampling of prices from this auction. Other headliners were the John Deere DB90 36-row planter sold for $139,000, the Rogator 1074 sprayer for $132,000 and the 2003 Freighliner semi for $43,000.

I noticed something this week.

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