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Machinery Pete: Spotlight on Case 2290 tractors

I've seen three Case 2290 tractors sell at auction in the last week.

Nothing really stood out on any of these 2290s, just solid tractors with a reasonable number of hours on them given their age. Case made the 129 horsepower model 2290 from 1978-83.

But whenever this happens, whenever I see the same model tractor or field cultivator, or gravity wagon, or any piece of equipment sell on a few different sales in a short time frame, it always makes me stop and take note. How do the auction sale prices compare? Are they selling for the same type dollars? Are they selling for more or less than they sold for six months ago? How about two, five or ten years ago?

Two of the Case 2290s sold on a farm auction in west-central Iowa on September 10th. One was a 1979 model with 6,209 hours. It sold for $9,500. The other 2290 on that sale was a 1981 model with 6,152 hours. It went for $10,750.

The third Case 2290 I ran across sold Tuesday of this week (September 18). No model year listed, but it had 5,557 hours and sold for $11,250 on a farm auction in north-central North Dakota.

So how do those sale prices stack up? See all our data on Case 2290 sale prices below to see for yourself.

What do I notice? I notice a pair of very high-selling 2290s sold earlier this year at auction. One being the 1983 model with only 2,279 hours sold for $15,400 back on March 15, 2007 in west-central Michigan. It was listed in "good" condition and also as a "one owner" tractor. The "one owner" factor always influence sale prices higher. Buyers just have more confidence in what they're purchasing.

The other high-selling 2290 so far this year sold on March 7th in east-central Illinois for $16,250. It had 5,037 hours, but was listed as a "rare MFWD (mechanical front-wheel drive) model," which obviously enhanced its value.

What else do I notice in our data on 2290s?

I notice how back in the year 2000 how (7) Case 2290s in "good" condition with 4,000 or less hours sold for between $9,200 and $10,800. Now compare with the 2290 sold Tuesday in North Dakota with 5,557 hours for $11,250.

I'd say Case 2290 tractors are holding their value very well.

I've seen three Case 2290 tractors sell at auction in the last week.

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