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Machinery Pete: What's a 30-year old 90-horsepower tractor worth?

Sorry guy, didn't mean to imply your tractor was a rust bucket.

I recently partnered with Successful Farming magazine to publish the "Rust Book." The book contains the last few years of auction sale price data I have compiled on all types of farm equipment that was made prior to the mid 1970s.

So yes, lots and lots of what we all consider antique tractors in the book. Farmall Hs, Deere As and Bs, Case VACs, AC WDs, Ford 2Ns and 8Ns, etc.

Tractors from the 1920s, '30s, '40s, '50s and '60s fill the book, oldies but goodies indeed.

But we didn't stop there, we also included tractors made up through the mid 1970s. Antiques? No, not yet. But hard as it is to believe, these tractors are now over 30 years old. Seems like just yesterday they were 10-15 years old. Time sure does fly.

More than a few fellas had a little a fun with me at farm shows I attended this winter, shows where we had the "Rust Book" on display. "Geez, Pete, are you telling me my JD 4230 is an antique?"

"Wow, I guess the only kind of tractors I own are antiques."

Laughs all around.

IHC 886s are approximately 90 horsepower and were made from 1976-81. Click on the links below to view and compare what other make and model tractors in this same age and horsepower range have been selling for at auction.

Sorry guy, didn't mean to imply your tractor was a rust bucket.

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