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Machinery Pete looks at IHC Hydro tractors

Cool, another Hydro.

One unique series of tractors that never fails to catch my eye when an auction sale price rolls across my desk is the International series of Hydro tractors made by IHC from the mid 1970s up into the early 1980s.

Latest example came from a very nice farm auction held June 30, 2007, in south-central Michigan. On this auction was a 1974 model IHC Hydro 100. The tractor was listed in good condition with 6,060 hours, one hydraulic remote, three point and canopy. It sold for $7,600.

Click on the link below to pull up a listing of all the IHC Hydro tractors I've seen sell at auction going back 10-plus years. You'll see how they really haven't depreciated much in value over the last decade.

One last Hydro for you: a super condition IHC Hydro 100 with only 1,200 hours that sold this past March on an auction in northwest Illinois for $16,750. It had an open station, wide front, three point, dual PTO, dual hydraulic remote, fenders and 18.4R-38 tires.

Click here to download a PDF with expanded auction price data on International Hydro tractors.

Cool, another Hydro.

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