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Listen to your dad.

Pretty good life advice I think. Not sure my two daughters always agree with this though. Sometimes it can be tough to hear what your father is trying to tell you. We all get to thinking we know what's best and have all the answers, etc. But chances are our dads have already walked down roads we're strolling now.

My dad wasn't big on specific life advice. His advice was more of the philosophical slant. I'll always remember one thing he told when I got out of college. "Keep your eyes open and look from side to side. Pay attention."

Sounds kind of vague, but I've found this instruction to be invaluable over the years. I also see how it can apply to many different situations, including shopping for used farm equipment.

Say you're looking to buy a used 71-foot auger. You may have a brand preference, but aren't committed 100%. Hmm, do you suppose it may be helpful to be able to look from side to side and compare what various 71-foot auger brands have been selling for lately on the open market?

I would think so.

Back on September 6, 2008, on a nice farm auction in east-central Nebraska, a Peck 71'x10'' auger, with only one season of use, sold for $8,000. How does this compare to other brands? Good question.

Below are links you can click on to compare prices for yourself. It's a bit of the auction sale data I've compiled on 71-foot augers.

Brandt 71-foot auger prices

Hutchinson 71-foot auger prices

Mayrath 71-foot auger prices

Peck 71-foot auger prices

Westfield 71-foot auger prices

Listen to your dad.

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