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Still kicking

Yesterday, in the local paper, I saw my name in the obituaries.

Turns out there are more than a few Greg Peterson's around, especially in the upper midwest where the Scandanavian roots run deep. When I read the state and local newspapers daily, I always make a point to peruse the obits. Guess I just find it interesting to see what folks did for a living, what their interests were, etc.

My namesake from up the road 20 miles, who just passed away, grew up and lived on the family farm his whole life. He worked for a large dairy company for 30+ years. His hobbies included hunting, fishing, golf and cooking.

Do you ever stop and wonder what your obituary will say?

It's unnatural for us to do this. We're all so busy with the details of everyday life. Sometimes I think we're missing the bigger picture. No way around it. One day each of us is going to pass on. Shouldn't we, therefore, focus on making each and every day count? I think so.

Do you love what you do for a living? I'm guessing if you're reading this, the answer is yes. You do love farming and have a real passion for what you do. My hats off to you. Farming is a tough business, full of risk, but you make the world a better place through your efforts to produce what you do on your farm.

Thank you.

I know that I love what I do. Back in November 1989, when I set out on this path of compiling auction sale price data on all types of used farm equipment, I had no way of knowing what lay ahead. Could I actually make a business out of this crazy idea? When I stop and look back, I can hardly believe I made it through those early building years. Funny thing is even though I didn't have a dime to my name, I had a ball. I'm still having a ball.

Ok, time for me to provide you with some information. In keeping with my Scandanavian heritage (I'm a bit more than half Norwegian but went to a small Swedish college in Minnesota), here's a smorgasboard of auction sale price data on some unique items.

Click on the links below to download sale price data on each of the pieces of equipment listed.

Auction prices on John Deere GPS equipment.

Auction prices on Palco cattle equipment.

Auction prices on Ag Bagger silage baggers.

Auction prices on hay racks.

Auction prices on Kwik Kleen grain cleaners.

Auction prices on Cub Cadet garden tractors.

Auction prices on Lincoln Towncars.

Yesterday, in the local paper, I saw my name in the obituaries.

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