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Tractor sale price report

I'm not going to beat around the bush. Check out what these tractors sold for at auction in the last week or so.

1984 John Deere 4850 tractor, MFWD, 3,725 hours: $52,500 (NCIL, 3/10/08)

Case IH 7120 tractor, MFWD, 3,200 hours: $57,000 (ECWI, 3/8/08)

1996 Ford-NH 8970 MFWD, 4,600 hours: $60,000 (SEKS, 3/8/08)

2004 JD 7920 MFWD, 355 hours: $109,000 (NWIL, 3/7/08)

1982 JD 4440, 1,695 hours: $36,000 (ECIL, 3/8/08)

JD 4440, 5,637 hours: $35,000 (SCWI, 3/8/08)

JD 4050 2WD, 1,618 hours: $28,000 (SCWI, 3/8/08)

1992 JD 4560 2WD, 760 hours: $60,000 (ECIL, 3/8/08)

1998 JD 9400 4WD, 3,878 hours: $92,000 (WCMN, 3/6/08)

2003 JD 8320 MFWD, 2,116 hours: $117,500 (SEWA, 3/7/08)

1991 JD 4455 2WD, 4,121 hours: $51,000 (SCMN, 2/29/08)

1997 JD 7810 MFWD, 2,765 hours: $87,000 (ECSD, 2/22/08)

1994 JD 4960 MFWD, 3,455 hours: $74,000 (ECSD, 2/22/08)

1991 CaseIH 7110 2WD, 1,568 hours: $40,400 (ECIL, 2/29/08)

2004 CaseIH MX285 MFWD, 1,779 hours: $97,500 (ECMT, 2/29/08)

Location sold: ECMT = east-central Montana, etc. Click on the highlighted tractors above to view additional auction sale price data on those models.

I'm getting phone calls and emails every day now saying, "Pete, did you hear about that tractor that sold the other day?" Yep, I heard about 'em. Honestly, it's really getting difficult to accurately assign value to all types of used farm equipment, including tractors.

Everything is worth quite a bit more right now.

Take the first tractor I listed, the 1984 JD 4850 sold for $52,500 Monday (March 10, 2008) in north-central Illinois. The auctioneer told me he sold a 4850 last fall, fairly similar in condition, for $35,000.

Or how about that Case IH 7120 with 3,200 hours that sold for $57,000 last Saturday (March 8, 2008) in east-central Wisconsin? How high is $57,000? Well, I've documented 224 CaesIH 7120s sold at auction over the last 12 years. The previous high sale price was $52,500 back on March 3, 1997.

What's really changed, just in the last two weeks, is the fact that many of these very high auction sale prices now are for tractors with a fair number of hours on them. How about the Ford-NH 8970 listed above? It had 4,600 hours yet still sold for $60,000 in southeast Kansas. Or what about the JD 4440 with 5,837 hours sold last Saturday in south-central Wisconsin for $35,000?

Used to be, not long ago - like a few weeks ago, that for a JD 4440 to sell in the mid $30K range, it would have had to be in the 2,000 hour range. But things are different now.

I'll leave you with one more, possibly the most amazing sale price I've run across this winter. Not on a tractor, but a grain drill. On a nice farm auction last Friday (March 7, 2008) in east-central Minnesota, a 30-foot JD 455 drill with 7 ½ inch spacing sold for, are you ready? Actually, I don't think you are. Try to think for a minute, what would be the absolute highest you could imagine such a grain drill selling for? The highest auction price I had ever seen on a JD 455 drill was $37,000. The highest dealer advertised price, which we also compile in our Web site, for a 455 drill I've ever seen was $38,500.

So, what's your guess? What did this 455 drill in central Minnesota sell for last Friday?


The whole buying/selling/trading dynamic is being knocked for a loop by these rapidly rising used equipment values.

I'm not going to beat around the bush. Check out what these tractors sold for at auction in the last week or so.

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