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What is a 10-year-old combine worth?

It's a database world and we're living in it.

Don't you just hate how retailers build customer profiles based on past purchases? Say you're needing a new shirt. You pick up one of those nice looking catalogs that come in the mail and decide to place an order. Before you know it you're getting four new catalogs from companies that sell the same type of shirt.

Or maybe you've bought a book online. After you purchase, the online book seller will start emailing you lists of books "we thought you might like," based on your previous buy.


I don't know about you, but I sometimes feel like shouting, "Leave me alone already!" These activities are possible because of sophisticated databases and I can't blame businesses for using the information these databases provide them. But I have to say, I much prefer the business model that puts the customer in charge of the databases, which are wonderful things if used the right way.

For example, say you were wondering what 10-year-old combines are currently worth. Maybe you're looking to trade yours in, sell it privately, or possibly looking to buy one at auction or from a dealer.

You don't want to pay too much or sell for too little.

You just need a very specific slice of information, data on recent sales of 10-year-old combines, and you need it now. Armed with the correct data, you're empowered to make good buy/sell decisions.

Welcome to my database of auction sale prices. You choose what information you want. Need to know what a Kinze 1040 grain cart is worth? Couple clicks and you're there. Looking for CaseIH 4800 field cultivators available on upcoming auctions? Click, click, there you go. Come back tomorrow, Saturday, or next Thursday to look again.

Whenever you need the information, we're here. We'll keep updating the data while you're gone.

You, the customer, are in charge.

Oh, the 10-year-old combines? Click on the link below to see for yourself what they've been selling for.

Click here to download a PDF with expanded auction price data on 10-year-old combines.

It's a database world and we're living in it.

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