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What's a Krause 4900 disk worth?

Let's keep it simple this week.

For nearly 18 years now, the gist of what I do is provide the hard evidence to answer folks' questions regarding what a particular piece of equipment is worth. As in, "Hey Pete, what's a good condition Krause 4900 disk worth?"

Click on the link below to download a PDF of additional data to find out.

Note the four Krause 4900 disks we've seen sell at auction so far this year. They range in sale price from $4,100 for a 22 1/2-foot model sold in south-central Nebraska up to $6,500 for a 27-foot model sold in west-central Michigan.

If you throw in the 25-foot Krause 4900 we saw sell last year in southeast North Dakota, we'd come up with an average auction sale price of $5,720. Look down through the table of sale prices on Krause 4900s and note how they basically were selling for this same type of money seven, eight, nine years ago.

Doesn't knowing what other folks have just paid for other similar 4900 disks, knowing that 4900s have held their value steadily over the last decade, and knowing the average sale price of the last five 4900s sold equaled $5,720 empower you to make the best decisions possible in terms of buying, selling or trading?

I think so.

I've said it to folks for years, "Why pay too much, why sell for too little, why not keep more of your money where it belongs, in your checkbook?" But to accomplish these goals, you need to know what a piece of equipment is worth.

Click here to download a PDF with expanded auction price data on Krause 4900 Series disks.

Let's keep it simple this week.

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