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First SN# CaseIH 1660

The collector’s dream: finding the first or last Serial No. of a popular or rare model.

Now normally when we talk first or last Serial No.’s we immediately think of tractors. But yesterday (Feb. 6, 2013) I ran across the very first Serial No. CaseIH 1660 combine, a 1986 model, sold on a large consignment auction in southeast South Dakota, a sale by Wieman Land & Auction Co.


It sold for $8,300.

Condition-wise it had seen better days. The description of the combine read: “4,015 Hours, HH, RS, F&A, Chopper, 24.5X 32 Tires, 4x4 Equipped, Runs But Doesn't Move, Mechanical Special”

“Mechanical Special”…I love it!

I was asked not too long ago whether there was any developing collector interest in used combines. My reply at the time was maybe just the first beginning baby steps developing, more so with the oldest model harvesters out there, but no huge land rush yet.

I guess maybe we just tend to view our combines as more utility items vs. tractors where the emotional connections can run a bit deeper for many folks. I’ll definitely be keeping my eye on auction sale price trends with older used combines to watch for any building collector interest. We’ll see.

On the used tractor side, yes, there is definite strong interest in the 1st or last Serial No. models as they become available for sale. Here’s a Youtube video I posted back on March 26, 2011 that proves it…a consignment auction in northeast Iowa where the last Serial No. JD 4255 tractor, 1992 model with 1,850 hours, 2WD, was being sold, for a record sale price:

Here is another Youtube video I shot a while back, a fun feature on Luverne Schmidt of Klemme, IA. Luverne owns the 1st Serial No. JD 2510 and IHC 1206 tractors. (1-yr. subscription $69.95; 1-week $10)

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