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Late-model iron shines at Nebraska sale

Quite a sale today, March 22, 2013, in east-central Nebraska.

A farm estate auction in Cedar Bluffs, Neb. featuring an impressive line of very late model John Deere equipment, including the first S670 combine I’ve seen hit the auction market. It’s new, as in 0 hours. Wow. Any guesses what it will go for?

A couple other harvest items caught my attention. First is the pair of Brent 882 grain carts. Here’s a pic:


I’ve seen (3) Brent 882’s sold on recent auctions. Here’s the scoop:

  • $28,000: 2/26/13 farm auction, east-central Illinois, brand new
  • $26,500: 9/13/12 consignment auction, southeast Iowa
  • $26,000: 11/30/12 farm auction, southwest Iowa

So now you know what Brent 882 grain carts have been selling for, but what about the

2012 JD 630F flex head on tomorrow’s sale in east-central Nebraska, what’s it worth? Here’s a pic:


Just last week on a March 14, 2013 farm auction in west-central Nebraska, I saw (3) 2011 JD 630F’s sell choice for $16,000 apiece. Buyer took all (3). Click on the link below to view all the auction sale price data I’ve seen on JD 630F heads over the last few years: (1-yr. subscription $69.95; 1-week $10)

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