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Used 6-row planters red hot

It’s fun to meander up and down the rows of shiny new equipment.

I’m making the rounds the last couple days at the 2011 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, IL. Very large crowds on the opening day of the show yesterday (Tuesday, Aug. 30th). I got a look at Deere’s new S690 combine, posted a pic on our Machinery Pete Facebook page last night.

But farm equipment doesn’t have to be shiny new to be red hot.

Case in point, used 6-row planters. I mentioned in a recent column the southeast Minnesota farm auction held on August 13th where a JD 7200 6R-30 planter with dry fertilizer sold for $20,250, a new record high sale price I’ve ever seen for a 6-row 7200.


More “wow” sale price news came in last Thursday, August 26th, from a consignment auction in east-central Nebraska…a 2001 JD 1750 6R-30 planter with liquid fertilizer sold for $25,000. That is the second highest auction price I’ve ever seen on a 1750 6-row. The record holder came on a February 9, 2008 farm sale in north-central Ohio, where a 1750 6-row went for $28,000.

Notice that sale date, 2/9/08, just about the height of the first wave of rising auction prices on used equipment after commodity prices surged in late 2007. Hmm, commodity prices been on a good run here in 2011, haven’t they? Yep, and now look at these sale prices we’re seeing on very nice 6-row used planters.

The other force at work is availability. How many NEW 6-row planters are Mfg’s cranking out these days? Any? So when really nice 5, 10, or 20 year old 6-row models do show up at auction right now…zoom goes the bidding.

For reference, click on the link below to view the last (58) JD 1750 Planters I’ve seen sold at auction:

Back to shiny new equipment, so new we’ll call it a “prototype”. Here’s a Youtube video I posted late last night, a video interview I did at the Hagie Mfg. exhibit at the Farm Progress Show, Hagie showing off their new 60-foot Nitrogen Toolbar…wow:

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