7 Iron Auction Tips from the Experts

  • Cook Auction

    "I would update any harvest equipment out of season. Large-frame tractors and big planters offer good deals. There will be some good buys if you are willing to shop around," says Scott Cook, Cook Auction.

  • Steffes Group

    "Wise operators plan ahead and take advantage of seasonal changes in markets. This winter, that might include combines and heads, especially considering the current glut of machines available," says Scott Steffes, Steffes Group.

  • US Auctioneers

    "One thing to watch for this winter is grain trailers. Folks who haul grain have a tendency to purchase trailers at the start of harvest. It may be prudent to consider a trailer purchase after the crop is in and the demand has fallen off," says Dick Phelps, US Auctioneers.

  • Stock Auction

    "Low-hour, one-owner, well-cared-for items still sell for good prices – just not record prices. Good- quality machinery will be the top choice for most farmers who are looking to upgrade their machinery," says Mark Stock, Stock Auction.

  • Booker Auction

    "It appears hillside combines (in the Palouse region of Washington and Idaho) are somewhat oversupplied to the marketplace. The values I’ve seen on these combines can provide inexpensive insurance as back-up combines on years when breakdowns and/or weather cause harvest delays," says Butch Booker, Booker Auction.

  • Wieman Land & Auction

    "Big tractors, combines, and tillage all seem to be a good buy right now. The 35-foot flex heads have been getting cheaper each year for the last couple of years. This year, all widths of flex heads have dipped in price," says Derek Wieman, Wieman Land & Auction.

  • Sullivan Auctioneers

    "I sure wouldn’t wait to buy if you’re facing a good deal on a low-hour
    piece of equipment you need. This winter will be the time to get the
    good deals," says Dan Sullivan, Sullivan Auctioneers.

Auctioneers give advice on what to buy this year.

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