An Unheard of Auction

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    Many auctiongoers braved the cold weather to attend this retirement auction just over the Mississippi River. The main draw to this auction? Most of the equipment was only a year old. That’s a rare find, and the equipment was as good as it gets.

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    Both of these 825Rs had only less than 300 hours on them and they were well taken care of. Of course, these tractors were a hot item and many were interested in these basically new tractors. Both of the tractors went for roughly $160,000 a piece. A great deal.

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    The sale was conducted by Sullivan Auctioneers, and you can see the whole auction list here.

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    Even though the weather was cold, many showed up for this unique option to get their chance to own basically “new” equipment.

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    Another unique couple of items at the auction were these two Mack semi trailer trucks. They had day cabs, which are the most popular, and had low miles. How low? One had 167,000 miles and the other had 45,500 miles. Both these trucks would be a welcome addition to any operation.

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    In addition to the newer equipment, there was a great selection of other used items for sale. Varying from augurs to mowers to even an old Farmall H. There was a good variety of equipment for attendees to look at.

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    Speaking of that Farmall H, it seemed like the black sheep amongst the line of newer equipment, but nevertheless still a hot item. Estimates were set at $500, but surprisingly the final bid was $1,500. It will be a great “fixer-upper”

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    An auction is great place to bring a young farmer to learn about machinery and how auctions work.

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    Much like the tractors and trucks that went up for sale, this planter was in just as good condition. The 2014 model John Deere 1970 planter has only covered 2,600 acres. It’s basically new! This planter is great for planting narrow rows of both corn and soybeans. The primo planter sold for $107,500.

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    A couple ringmen from Sullivan Auctioneers hear a price from a potential bidder for the J&M Grain Cart. With an auction such as this, these ringmen kept busy.

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    This 2014 J&M Grain Cart was another hot item at the auction. The grain cart could hold up to 1,150 bushels and it has only balled 2,500 acres worth this past harvest. This cart was about as new as you could find at an auction. The cart ended up going for $41,500.

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    Dan Sullivan of Sullivan Auctioneers closes on a bid towards the end of the auction. This unique auction was one of a kind with a lot of great items to take home.

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Check out these photos of an unique auction near Carman, Illinois.

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