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Verdesian Announces New Seed Treatment Technology

FlexConnect is the first closed transfer system for soybean inoculants.

A new seed treatment technology from Verdesian Life Sciences is entering the market. FlexConnect, the first closed transfer system for soybean inoculants, will allow applicators to reduce waste and save time when it comes time for mixing soybean inoculants.

Combined with a mixing port, FlexConnect enables applicators to handle and mix inoculants of any volume straight from the packaging, without need to transfer to a separate tank. The system proportionally mixes inoculant components and connects to the treater through a single line.

The new technology will save applicators both time and money, says Roger Dyson, operations manager for North Central Cooperative in Mentone, Indiana. Dyson was able to serve as a beta tester for the system last spring.

“The biggest thing for me is that I’m a one-man shop, and it’s saving me time,” says Dyson. “This system keeps it so I can keep the treater running.”

FlexConnect will reduce time spent mixing products and cleaning contaminated tanks. Then, it can save money by reducing waste.

“Due to the shelf life and viability of inoculants, many applicators end up wasting inventory due to spoilage of mixed and unused product,” says Jim Pullins, technical sales representative for Verdesian Life Sciences. “All of those add up to wasted money and lost profit.”

FlexConnect will extend the application window more than 14 days after the first use, says Pullins.

Brad Philipp, field sales agronomist at Central Valley Ag in Hampton, Nebraska, served as a beta tester for FlexConnect. “The time I’m saving with the FlexConnect system can be put forth to anything from going out and visiting with a grower, spending more time checking fields, doing other important tasks around the plant, as well as being able to see my family in the evenings,” says Philipp.

FlexConnect is now available for the Verdesian soybean inoculant, Preside CL. For more information, visit

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