What was happening in ag machinery 25 years ago?

Today, Agriculture.com is full of articles featuring the latest in machinery and technology. In 2020, new tractors and combines are equipped with the latest precision systems and have cabs designed to be comfortable for all-day operation. Planters, balers, and tillage equipment are designed to be smart, feeding data to the cab to help the operator make decisions in real time. When the website started 25 years ago, the machinery world looked quite a bit different.

John Deere

The 8000 series tractor from John Deere was new to the market in 1995. The series ranged in horsepower from 160 hp. to 225 hp.

The biggest combine the company offered was the 9600 Maximizer.

StarFire Receivers weren't around yet, but the Greenstar precision farming package was available 25 years ago. The dome-shaped reciever on the cab roof and monitor above the dash featured a GPS and moisture sensor for the combine. A year later, John Deere's first combine yield-mapping application was released.

According to the company's 1995 annual report, the agricultural equipment division's sales were up 12% and topped $5 billion for their "best-ever year."


The Case IH Advanced Farming System (AFS) technology was launched in 1995 and allowed farmers to monitor yields with satelite technology. At the time, 24 satelites in constant orbit were the foundation for the system.

The company's four-wheel drive Steiger tractors returned to the market 25 years ago with the 9300 series. Models ranged in horsepower from 200 to 240.

The award-winning Magnum 7200 series that was introduced the year prior got a shorter turning radius, reduced shift lever effort, remote hitch-lift control, and an improved operator's seat in 1995.

The 2100 series Axial-Flow combines were debued that year, as well. The largest model had a 201-bushel grain tank. Case IH touted the new cab with 23% more glass than prior models and an improved stadium-design lighting arrangement.


In 1995, AGCO aquired AgEquipment Group, the makers of Glencoe, Tye, and Farmhand ag implements and tillage equipment. The corporation did not yet include its now well-known Fendt, Challenger, or Precision Planting brands. In fact, Precision Planting was just a couple years old at the time.

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