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What’s New With Great Plains

It’s official. Great Plains has been a part of Kubota Tractor Corporation since July 1, and both companies seem very committed to keeping Great Plains – well, Great Plains. 

At the Great Plains annual dealer meeting and media day, president Linda Salem and two Kubota executives made it clear that Great Plains would stay independent and committed to its mission statement. 

“We have no desire to change any of the good things that have happened at Great Plains,” says Todd Stucke, Kubota’s vice president of sales, marketing, and product support. “We’re honored that Roy has agreed to stay on for a while to make sure that intent is carried out.”

Both Salem and Kubota representatives cited the long-standing relationship the two companies have had since 2007 through the use of Great Plains’ Land Pride implements on Kubota tractors. 

Along with the reassuring Kubota talk, Great Plains also launched some new equipment models and a new implement. 

Turbo-Max for Larger Tractors

Great Plains considers the Turbo-Max its premier tillage product; the original was launched five years ago. This year, Great Plains is launching its widest model yet, which stretches 48 feet. 

The new model will better accommodate larger tractors and offer operators improved water infiltration, root development, and nutrient uptake because of the vertical tillage caliber it provides.

Called the 4800TM, this new Turbo-Max offering comes equipped with turbo coulters, maintenance-free bearings, hydraulic weight transfer, and a hydraulically adjustable gang angle that can be set at any degree between 0 and 6.

Great Plains Offering 48-Foot Turbo-Max

Wider Ultra-Chisel

The original Great Plains Ultra-Chisel plows were launched in 2015, but the latest five section Ultra-Chisel model is wider for larger-scale operators. Great Plains customers wanted a wider model, and they got it with the latest Ultra-Chisel offering available in widths of 39 to 45 feet. The model has 900 pounds of trip force and a maximum working depth of 8 inches.

“We have a 9-inch space. Most chisels out there have a 12-inch space. Nobody out there does a 9-inch-space chisel. That allows us to do a good job of fracturing side to side,” says John Koenigsman, Great Plains territory manager for eastern Kansas.

With 30 inches of ground clearance and a floating tongue, this model can handle varied and rough terrain without bouncing back and forth. A lot of the credit for that steady pass across the field should go to the rocking bolster system that sits on the center rockshaft. 

Wider Ultra-Chisel Models Now Available from Great Plains

New Field Cultivator Air Drill

Taking advantage of the technology Great Plains has already mastered, the new Field Cultivator Air Drill is a mashup of the Great Plains Field Cultivator and the Great Plains 00 Series Drill Openers. Aiming for a well-prepared seedbed and intentional seed placement, this new offering should eliminate another pass through the field.  

The Field Cultivator Air Drill is being pushed at High Plains wheat farmers who conventionally-till large acreages. Operators can expect this implement to have the Max-Mix shank pattern on 7-inch spacing and also a seedbed conditioner reel to prevent weeds and to mix soil, residue, and fertilizer effectively. 

Remember AccuShot? 

Great Plains teamed up with Capstan Ag Systems and launched AccuShot in February 2016. The system allows farmers to apply a specific dose of starter fertilizer to each seed as they plant.

The system has been tested even more since its launch and has found average savings of up to 77% on 10-inch row spacing with a population of 24,000 plants per acre, according to Capstan research.

NFMS 2016: Great Plains AccuShot

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