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Markets/Weather: Upcoming typical 'dog days' of summer weather

Thunderstorms fired late yesterday in the northwestern Corn Belt along a cool front moving into that area.

This activity moved eastward overnight to bring decent rains (though certainly nothing heavy like was so common last week) to southeastern South Dakota, Minnesota, northern Iowa, and northwestern Wisconsin. It looks like most totals there will be on the order of 0.25-1.00", with localized amounts to 1.50" or a little heavier (northern parts of Wisconsin seeing even bigger totals). 

This activity was rapidly weakening here early on this Wednesday, but should try to refire this afternoon in southeastern parts of the Midwest with a few stronger storms possible. Tomorrow night and into Friday looks to be the next threat of a significant rainfall event for the Midwest, with the best rains from that in northeastern parts of the region versus southwestern areas. 

There will probably be more rain chances in the Midwest for the first half of next week as well. Overall it looks to me like this is a pretty typical weather pattern for the "dog days of summer" for the Midwest, which means a lot of humidity, temperatures running a bit above normal (but nothing real extreme), and scattered thunderstorms every once in a while. I'm sure that some places in the Midwest will see more rain than they want over the next ten days, and others will see less than they desire. 

In most places though, enough rain will fall to maintain favorable growing conditions for the corn and soybean crops. If one is looking for extreme heat, we may see it for the Delta and the southern Plains for the end of the weekend and the first part of next week as highs in much of that area will probably climb to the 100 degree mark or a little higher in that period. Rainfall chances are not "zero" for that area coming up, but any activity should be very widely scattered with plenty of places getting nothing at all.

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