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Grains close down | Wednesday August 3, 2022

At the close, grains regained some of their losses from earlier in the day but still closed down overall. Corn futures closed relatively flat with September corn down less than a penny and December corn up a penny. September soybean futures closed down 10¢, and November is down 15¢.

Chicago wheat closed 8¢ down. September KC wheat closed 6¢ down, and December is 5¢ down. Minneapolis wheat is up 2¢. 

Livestock closed the day up. Live cattle are up $1.33. Feeder cattle are up $1.23. Lean hogs are up $1.15. 

The forecast remains hot with some chances of rain in the eastern part of the Midwest. 

Crude oil is down $3.80. 

Prices choppy at midday: 11:30 a.m;.

While prices got off to a decent start this morning, at midday grain prices are down. 

September corn is down 5¢, and December corn is down 3¢. September soybean futures are down 19¢, and November soybeans are down 20¢. Chicago wheat is down 17¢, and Kansas City wheat is down 16¢. Minneapolis wheat is down a penny. 

Livestock have been able to hold on to their gains. Live cattle are up $1.68. Feeder cattle are up $1.13. Lean hogs are up $1.40. 

Crude oil is down almost $2. 

Grain prices make small gains: 9 a.m.

Following the downturn early this week, grain prices are up slightly this morning.

September and December corn futures are both up 4¢. September and November soybean futures are up 10¢.

September Chicago wheat is up 9¢. September Kansas City wheat is up 14¢. September Minneapolis wheat is up 16¢.

Cory Bratland with Kluis Commodity Advisors says a chance of rain, especially in the eastern Corn Belt, is putting downward pressure on prices today. There is also talk of more grain getting shipped out of Ukraine than initially thought.

Livestock prices are also up this morning.

Crude oil is trading up about 10¢, and the Dow futures are 190 points higher. Gasoline and diesel prices have dropped significantly in recent days. Experts at Kluis Commodity Advisors say now is a good time to lock in your energy needs for the rest of the year.

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