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Grains end the day up | Thursday, August 4, 2022

At the close, corn is up 11¢. Soybeans closed up 59¢. Wheat is up with CBOT at 18¢ higher, KC at 23¢ higher, and Minneapolis 19¢ higher.

Live cattle and feeder cattle continue to be down while lean hogs closed up $1.75. 

Crude oil is down $2.20. 

This afternoon CHS hosted a roundtable discussion on the economic factors impacting ag markets. Research analyst Joe Lardy says the myriad of unknown variables impacting the market signal prices will continue to stay volatile and high. 

Moving into the weekend, keep an eye on the weather as it's looking like the Midwest might get hit with some rain. 

Grain Prices Leap Higher: 11:05 a.m. 

At this hour, grain prices are making big jumps upward from this morning. While corn futures are up just 10¢, soybean futures are up 47¢. CBOT wheat is up 22¢. KC what is up 23¢, and Minneapolis wheat is up 22¢. 

Live cattle and feeder cattle continue to be down at the midday point. Lean hogs are up $1.23. 

Crude oil is trading down $2.61. The U.S. dollar is down 48¢. The Dow is down 63 points. 

Grain prices up this morning: 8:30 a.m.

Grain prices are on the rise this morning with corn futures up 2¢. Soybean futures up 19¢, and CBOT wheat up a penny. Kansas City wheat fairly flat while Minneapolis wheat is up 5¢. 

Livestock futures are trading down. Live cattle are 25¢ to 28¢ down. Feeder cattle are down $1.00 to $1.02. Lean hogs are down $1.20 to $1.28. 

Crude oil is trading down this morning about 60¢. The U.S. dollar is down 22¢. The Dow is currently down 33 points. 

Outside of the U.S., milling wheat is up about 1% on the MATIF exchange, and corn and soybeans are up on the Dalian exchange out of China. 

Experts with Kluis Commodity Advisors say traders are watching the political impact of U.S. officials visiting Taiwan, changing weather forecasts and global impacts to demand.

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