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Grains close mixed | Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Corn futures closed up 10¢ while soybeans closed down 20¢. 

CBOT wheat is up 9¢. KC wheat is up 6¢. Minneapolis wheat is relatively flat. 

Live cattle are up 50¢. Feeder cattle are up $1.15. Lean hogs are up $1.08. 

The U.S. dollar is currently up 63%. According to Nick Repke with Kluis Commodity Advisors, the surge in the dollar's value is pushing the soybean price down. 

The USDA Crop Progress report comes out in less than an hour. Al Kluis with Kluis Commodity Advisors expects a 1% decrease in crop condition. 

Livestock prices go higher: 11:07 a.m. 

At the midday, corn futures are up 4¢. Soybean futures are now down 20¢. 

CBOT wheat has reversed course and is now down nearly a penny. KC wheat is up a penny. Minneapolis wheat is down 2¢. 

Live cattle are up 65¢. Feeder cattle are up $1.75. Lean hogs are up 60¢. 

The U.S. dollar is up 56¢. Crude oil is also up 55¢. 

Grains open mixed: 9:02 a.m. 

This morning December corn futures are up less than a penny while November soybeans are down 19¢. 

CBOT wheat is up 2¢. KC wheat is up 4¢. Minneapolis wheat is 5¢. 

Live cattle are up 28¢. Feeder cattle are up $1.35. Lean hogs are up 35¢. 

Milling wheat on the MATIF trade is down this morning. On the Dalian trade in China, No. 1 soybeans are down while No. 2 soybeans and corn are both up. 

The S&P 500 is currently down 4 points. The Dow is down 26 points. 

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