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Position Your Marketing Plan to Weather Storms

It’s high time to plan your grain marketing strategy for the postharvest season. Big crops create suppressed fall prices. This year, outlasting the lows may be the name of the game. Selling into fall lows can be avoided by using a long-term approach to your risk-management plan. 

To take action on that plan, turn to the new Successful Marketing newsletter to help you with specific grain marketing and hedging advice.

This monthly printed newsletter offers you decision-making tools to help you sell grain at higher prices. It’s designed to educate you on grain marketing strategies that can help increase your confidence in making marketing decisions.

Al Kluis of Kluis Commodities shares his 40 years of commodity trading experience with subscribers of the Successful Marketing newsletter.

While other industry newsletters spend time rehashing outdated news items and grain marketing information, Successful Marketing newsletter is completely dedicated to marketing strategies and technical analysis.

Along with straightforward strategies to develop a marketing plan, Successful Marketing newsletter provides input price trends to help you buy inputs more consistently at lower prices.

For instance, in the August issue of the newsletter, the crop input index shows a hard setback in the December 2017 corn futures price, making it impossible to lock in an acceptable corn-to-fertilizer ratio. So wait on booking 2017 fertilizer until those prices get a lot lower or corn futures move higher.  

The newsletter hits the market at a time when more grain farmers are looking for advice on how to pick up an extra 20¢ to 30¢ per bushel. Learn how to do that and more with Successful Marketing newsletter. It’s designed to help you make more money.

In addition to a monthly printed newsletter (see a sample of the August 2016 issue at right), a weekly email newsletter, and email alerts (based on changes in the markets), you get quarterly webinars designed around the Quarterly Grain Stocks Reports.

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