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Take Five. Five Tips That Is.

With spring planting still a couple months away, what can you do with that extra time? If this year is a repeat of last year and we have another year of lower grain prices, use this time to brush up on your marketing skills. Make the most of every penny possible.

Here is a quick hit list of five tips to make the most of your time and grain.

  1. Workshops - Attend winter workshops hosted by your lender or local Extension agent. Besides the likelihood of a great meal served, odds are there will be someone on hand to provide current grain market outlook.
  2. Annie’s Groups - There are many small group educational settings for women in agriculture, which will teach you the ins and outs of how grain marketing works and the tools you need to be successful. Do an internet search or a Facebook check, and I’m sure you’ll find a group more local than you think!
  3. Farm Shows! - Go to a farm show, such as Commodity Classic (I’ll be presenting there on Thursday morning of the show), or something more specific to your local region. The best of the best are brought in to educate producers about all things from production to marketing.
  4. News, News, and More News - Keep on top of current global geopolitical events and global weather events – those will likely be the market movers this year!  Weather around the world needs to be monitored along with global politics. Often, it ends up being weather or politics that provide the unexpected black swans.
  5. MAKE. THE. TIME. - Make time for marketing! That means setting aside 20 minutes a day to go over your cash contracts, look at agriculture websites, or browse social media to find the big news of the day. If you have advisers you work with, call them and pick their brains!

Remember, marketing is how you get paid for your hard work! It’s what separates the best from the rest. Follow these five helpful tips to start 2018 off on the right foot. If you do not feel that you can make time for marketing, feel you are not disciplined enough to pull the trigger when you know you should, or if you need a little education to help you along the way, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I would be honored to assist!

If you have questions, you can reach Naomi at .

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