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Australian man survives 2 weeks in outback after finding cattle water hole - police

SYDNEY, Dec 3 (Reuters) - Australian police said on Tuesday they had found a second person who had been missing in the country's remote outback for weeks, saying he survived soaring temperatures by drinking water meant for livestock.

Police said Phu Tran, 40, was found by a local farmer at a cattle station near Alice Springs, two weeks after he and two friends went hiking.

"He's in a good condition. He was slightly disoriented ... but other than that he was in good condition," Superintendent Pauline Vicary told reporters in Alice Springs.

Tran was found three days after his friend Tamra McBeath-Riley was found about 1.5 km (0.9 miles) from the car they had been travelling in through Australia's remote north.

A third member of the group, Claire Hockridge, is still missing.

McBeath-Riley said the car became bogged down in the soft desert roads in the region.

For a few days, the group stayed close to the car, surviving on the limited supplies they had packed, McBeath-Riley said.

After running out of water, Tran and Hockridge went looking for help, taking only a compass and a GPS.

Both survived after finding a water hole used by cattle.

"It appears that along the way they have located water, so we're hopeful that she has got water," Vicary said.

It is not known why Tran and Hockridge separated, though Vicary said police hope they will find her soon. (Reporting by Colin Packham)

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