Brazil harvests 78% of soybean crop, second corn plantings finished, consultancy says

SAO PAULO, April 5 (Reuters) - Brazilian farmers had harvested 78% of the area planted with the 2020/2021 soybean crop as of last Thursday, compared with 83% at the same point last year, agribusiness consultancy AgRural said on Monday.

As the soybean season draws to a close, Brazilian farmers were able to finish planting their second corn crop, as much of it is grown in the same areas as the oilseeds, AgRural said.

But because Brazil's second corn was planted outside the ideal climate window due to delays in the soy harvest, all attention now is on the weather, as rains are a crucial factor in the corn crop's development phase, according to AgRural's statement.

"At the moment, the crop is developing with adequate humidity in Goiás and in parts of Mato Grosso state, both with more rains forecast for this week," AgRural said, referring to second corn fields.

Brazil's soybean harvesting is practically finished in Mato Grosso, the country's biggest-producing farm state, and nearly complete in other main producing regions. No significant quality problems have been detected due to excess humidity during collection of the grains, the consultancy said.

In Rio Grande do Sul state, which plants and harvests the soy later than other regions, the work is slightly behind because of scant rains last week. However, the state, one of Brazil's biggest producers, is expected to produce a good crop, AgRural said.

In total, Brazil is poised to collect 133 million tonnes of soybeans this season, AgRural estimates. Based on historical trends, AgRural projects Brazil's second corn crop at 80.1 million tonnes, representing about 75% of Brazil's overall estimated corn output. (Reporting by Ana Mano in Sao Paulo Editing by Matthew Lewis)

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