TIMELINE-China's battle with coronavirus on frozen food and packaging

BEIJING, Nov 18 (Reuters) - China has ramped up testing of frozen foods after saying it has repeatedly discovered the coronavirus on imported products and their packaging, triggering mass scale testing of food and related personnel, suspension of certain imports and disruptions to trade flows. China, which has suspended imports from 99 suppliers in 20 countries, argues these measures are needed to prevent more arrivals of the virus in a country that has largely contained the epidemic domestically. But major food-producing countries are growing increasingly frustrated with China's scrutiny of imported products. A seafood market in the central Chinese city of Wuhan is widely believed to be the origin of the pandemic that emerged late last year, but the Global Times, a tabloid backed by the ruling Chinese Communist Party, suggested this week that the presence of the virus on imported food raised the possibility that it may have come from overseas. Below is a timeline of the coronavirus found on imported frozen food or packaging in various parts of the country from different origins. Date Product Origin Location Found On Notes Link Nov. 18. Seafood Hebei Hebei, a province which neighbours https://bit.ly/38SOZLW Beijing, will from Nov 23 ban sales of imported frozen food from importers that don’t upload data like source and flows into a tracing system, state media reported Nov. 18. Aquatic Russia Chinese customs stop accepting imports https://bit.ly/2IOKg3f products from a Russian fishing vessel Zaliv Vostok JSC for one week Nov.16 Pork Unknown Dali in Outer Pork was loaded at Shanghai's Yangshan https://bit.ly/3lDzdZ9 Shaanxi Packaging port with some of it coming to Dali county while others to Xi'an and other locations. Nov.16 Shrimp Saudi Mudanjiang in Packaging The frozen shrimp in Shenyang https://bit.ly/3nxb0E8 Arabia Heilongjiang wholesale aquatic market in Mudanjiang was imported via Tianjin port, CCTV reported. The same batch of frozen shrimp in Tianjin also tested positive. Nov.16 Swordfish Malaysi Linyi in Food The fish was bought from an unnamed https://bit.ly/38OQhHT a Shandong supplier in Fuzhou city in Fujian. Nov.16 New New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern said [nL1N2I Zealand confident no meat products were 2083] exported from the country with COVID-19, was seeking more information from Chinese authorities. Nov.16 Pork France Xiamen in Outer Unnamed supplier. [nL1N2I Fujian Packaging 200K] Nov.15 Shanghai Shanghai city government said all [nL1N2I imports of what it called "high-risk" 200K] imported cold-storage food would need to be tested for coronavirus and have packaging disinfected before being stored or sold in the city. Nov.15 Pork Argenti Xi'an in Outer https://bit.ly/3f7OP4y ne Shaanxi Packaging Nov.14 Beef and Brazil, Jinan in On beef, The goods involved were imported by a [nL1N2I tripe Bolivia Shandong tripe and unit of Guotai International Group 106W] , New their and Shanghai Zhongli Zealand internal Development Trade and outer packaging Nov.14 Seafood Unknown Jining in Packaging [nL1N2I Shandong 200K] Nov.13 Pork Argenti Zhengzhou in Outer The pork was loaded from Qingdao part, https://bit.ly/36Hb8dA ne Henan Packaging Balong cold storage. Nov.13 Shrimp Saudi Lanzhou in Packaging The shrimp passed through Tianjin port [nL8N2I Arabia Gansu customs. It was bought by Zhanjiang 0078] Guolian Aquatic Products Co Ltd, entered the country on Oct. 21 and reached Lanzhou on Nov. 8. Nov.13 Cuttlefish India Outer China's customs said it would suspend https://bit.ly/3f5giDX Packaging imports from India's Basu International for one week. Nov.12 China's National Health Commission [nL4N2H tightened restrictions requiring "full Y2BH] coverage" testing and disinfection of imported food products, following a smattering of positive samples detected on beef, pork and seafood. The country has suspended imports of 99 suppliers from 20 countries. Nov.12 Boneless Brazil Wuhan in Outer The beef exporter was Marfrig Global [nL1N2H beef Hubei Packaging Foods S.A. in Várzea Z1I8] Grande. Brazilian government notified about the issue by Chinese authorities. Marfrig's Várzea Grande facility had been previously suspended by China over coronavirus concerns. The ban, dating from Sep. 22, was lifted on Oct. 23. Nov.12 Beef Argenti Outer Argentine authorities said they had [nL1N2H ne Packaging been informed about an alleged finding Y2X8] by China of traces of COVID-19 on the external packaging of a shipment of the South American country's beef. Senasa, the Argentine government food safety body said that the meat in the packaging met all sanitary standards and that it is the first time that a case of this type had been registered with an Argentine product. Argentina and China have a previous agreement that if a case of COVID-19 is registered in an Argentine plant, it would halt shipments and request to be suspended by Beijing from the list of companies authorized to export to China until Senasa and then the Asian country had authorized the plant's reinstatement. Nov.10 Pomfret Indones China's Outer China's customs suspended imports from https://bit.ly/38QnFOE ia Custom Packaging PT Anugrah Laut Indonesia for one week Nov.8 Pork Germany Tianjin Packaging Tianjin started testing cold storage [nL4N2H food sites after a staff who handled U06R] the frozen pork tested positive. Nov.7 Beltfish India Taiyuan in Outer Frozen beltfish imported into Tianjin [nL4N2H Shanxi Packaging from India had tested positive for the U06R] virus, state media reported. Oct.31 Pork Brazil Weihai in Packaging Unknown supplier company [nL1N2H Shandong M080] Oct.31 Fish Ecuador China's Outer China's customs suspended imports [nL1N2H Custom Packaging from FIREXPA S.A., an Ecuadorian M043] seafood product manufacturer, for one week. Oct.28 Aquatic Russia Shandong Outer China's customs suspended accepting [nB9N2B products Packaging products from three Russian fishing H015] vessels for a week. Oct.28 Aquatic Netherl Shandong Outer China's customs suspended accepting [nB9N2B products ands Packaging products from one warehouse in the H015] Netherlands for a week . Oct.1 Boneless Brazil China's Outer China stopped accepting import https://bit.ly/35EFluB beef Custom Packaging applications from Brazilian company Minerva S.A for a week. Sep.25 Hairtail Brazil Outer China stopped accepting import [nB9N2G fish Packaging applications from Brazilian company K00V] Monteiro Industria de Pescados Ltd for a week from Sept 26. Sep.20 Squid Russia Jilin in Packaging The Changchun COVID-19 prevention [nL3N2G Changchun office said the squid had been H06X] imported from Russia by a company in Hunchun city and brought to the provincial capital. Sep.11 Chinese customs have said they will https://bit.ly/38Mt4WV suspend imports from companies for a week if frozen food products test positive, and for a month if a supplier's products test positive for a third time or more. Aug.13 White Ecuador Xian in Outer https://bit.ly/32QzYGB shrimp Shaanxi Packaging Aug.13 Chicken Brazil Shenzhen in Food and Chinese authorities identified a meat [nS0N2F wings Guangdong packaging plant owned by Brazilian unlisted 0038][n company as the source of the chicken S0N2EH0 wings. Brazil said it had not been 0K] officially notified and that it was seeking clarification from Chinese [nL1N2F authorities. Brazil later asked for S16B] proof that chicken wings had coronavirus. Aug.10 White Ecuador Wuhu in Anhui Outer CCTV reported that imported frozen https://bit.ly/3pzynyM shrimp Packaging shrimp from Ecuador at a restaurant in Wuhu city tested positive. Jul.16 White Ecuador Yunnan Outer Producers included Industrial Pesquera https://bit.ly/3kAA9vP shrimp Packaging Santa Priscila S.A, Empacreci S.A, Empacadora Del Pacifico Sociedad Anonima Edpacif S.A. Jul.14 White Ecuador Chongqing Outer https://bit.ly/2Iyve1J shrimp Packaging Jul.3 White Ecuador Xiamen in Outer Producers were Industrial Pesquera https://bit.ly/3pDus3V shrimp Fujian Packaging Santa Priscila S.A and Empacreci S.A Jul.3 White Ecuador Dalian in Outer Producer was Empacadora Del Pacifico https://bit.ly/3pDus3V shrimp Liaoning Packaging Sociedad Anonima Edpacif S.A Jun.18 China stepped up communications with [nB9N2D relevant countries to ensure the N00K] safety of imported foods, the commerce ministry said, amid concerns that imported foods may have contributed to a rise in COVID-19 infections in Beijing. China said it would work to ensure the safety of imported food and agricultural products. (Reporting by Shivani Singh and Beijing newsroom; Editing by Kenneth Maxwell and Sherry Jacob-Phillips)

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