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Ukraine has harvested 46.1 mln tonnes of grain so far this year - ministry

KIEV, Oct 10 (Reuters) - Ukraine's agriculture ministry announced the following data on the 2018 harvest on Wednesday:

* Farmers in Ukraine had harvested 46.1 million tonnes of grain as of Wednesday, with a yield of 3.88 tonnes per hectare. By the same date last year Ukraine had harvested 43.7 million tonnes.

* Farmers have threshed 11.9 million hectares of grains out of a total area of 14.84 million hectares.

* Farmers have harvested 11.2 million tonnes of corn from 1.8 million hectares, 39 percent of the sown area. The yield averaged 6.28 tonnes per hectare.

* They have completed the wheat harvest, having threshed 25.1 million tonnes of the grain, with an average yield of 3.8 tonnes per hectare.

* They also harvested 7.53 million tonnes of barley with a yield of 3.03 tonnes per hectare from 100 percent of the sown area.

* Ukraine plans to harvest 63.1 million tonnes of grain this year, the ministry has said. (Reporting by Pavel Polityuk; Editing by Jan Harvey)

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