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A Price Rally Alongside Falling Corn Demand?

Investors will have to wait until January’s crop report to get a real picture of crop size.

The market bulls need daily headlines with bullish stories to keep the rally going.

We may see prices slip lower, but there is no bearish news that caused the slide.

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Momentum traders need to see a consistent pattern of higher highs, or they will bail on their long position.

Supply and demand numbers are also up in the air. Production estimates remain variable, as harvest progress is not far enough along for traders to comfortably commit to a yield.

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Exports are not on track to hit USDA targets. However, the potential of the trade tariff agreement’s “phase one” becoming a reality is going to keep the bears cautious.

The big headline on Tuesday was how China might offer tariff exemptions on a substantial amount of U.S. soybeans. The key word in that sentence is “might”. Those involved in the ag industry fully understand there is a difference between what China says and what China does.

We will need to see confirmation of this happening before traders will allow it to impact their position.

Here’s this week’s Successful Marketing Newsletter.

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