Friday’s USDA Data the Most Volatile in 7 Years, Successful Marketing Newsletter Says

The fear in the market is rising, with all eyes on acreage expectations.

All eyes are on the upcoming USDA reports.

The Planted Acreage and Quarterly Grain Stocks reports will be released this Friday, June 28, at 11 a.m. 

Here is this week’s Successful Marketing Newsletter, highlighting the market volatility (fear gauge) that has gone from a single digit to double-digits.

I have fielded so many calls, over the past week, asking about this upcoming report. The reports across the Corn Belt are definitely concerning. One of the biggest questions revolves around how the USDA will adjust for all of the late-planted acres and how will it account for all of the prevent plant.

This week’s Successful Marketing Newsletter addresses what could be a big curveball in this report.

Volatility has nearly tripled from levels we saw seven weeks ago. The fear in the grain market about production shortfalls is becoming more serious.

The weekly Crop Condition ratings fell to one of the lowest levels we have ever seen for this time of year. Is that surprising?

From all of the crop reports that filter through our office, the current ratings might seem a little too high yet. History tells us to mind the trend when it comes to crop ratings.

This week’s Successful Marketing Newsletter highlights the reasons comparing this year to the last five years is so difficult.

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