Investors Want To Hear Yield Reports, Analyst Says

This year’s yields have a tough act to follow.

The initial harvest results that have been kicked out are not as good as expected.

This could be a subjective statement. Meaning the farmer that made the statement was expecting (or hoping) to see yields as good as last year, yet the actual is 20 to 30 bushels below last year.

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What if last year was a record year on that farm? What if last year beat the five-year average by 25 bushels? Then the yields this year aren’t so bad.

We need to get further into harvest to get a good feel before we make a guess on yield trends.

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China has bought 720,000 tonnes of U.S. soybeans. This is great news. However, if the bulls are going to fully turn the tides, they will need a constant stream of bullish news.

That is why prices have slipped so far this week.

The charts still look friendly, but we do not want to see momentum turn and favor the bears.

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The crude oil markets have had a wild week, and it’s only Wednesday! The grains did not see much influence from this move.

It is worth watching, as I imagine fund managers do not want to see other commodities take off. Especially since the funds are still holding a sizable short position across the grain sector.

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