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Make Money Now With Successful Marketing

Everyone knows harvest is normally associated with low prices. There are exceptions to this, but what can be done when prices are low?

“I receive calls all the time from farmers who made good sales during the summer rally but have more to sell. I tell them to use the low prices to their advantage,” says Al Kluis, Kluis Commodities.

One tool that can help you incorporate marketing into your day is the Successful Marketing newsletter. Its eight pages are packed with decision-making tools to help you sell grain at higher prices. Designed to educate you on grain marketing strategies, the newsletter can help increase your confidence in making marketing decisions.

In this newsletter, Kluis shares his 40 years of commodity trading experience. He focuses on managing risk vs. speculating with your crop-selling decisions.

Along with straight-forward strategies to develop a marketing plan, the Successful Marketing newsletter provides specific advice on generating cash flow for your operation. 

The October issue (a sample page is shown above) points out how to make decisions when prices are low. In that issue, Kluis says a low market environment can be a time for you to pick up extra cash per bushel.

“How can low prices help? Often, when prices are low, volatility is low. We have discussed the impact of volatility on option prices. When there is high volatility, option prices are more expensive when compared with low volatility,” he says. 

“Consider buying call options on those bushels that have already been sold. It is a low-risk approach to improve the net sale price of those committed bushels,” he says. 

Successful Marketing newsletter is designed to help you make more money.

In addition to a monthly printed newsletter, a weekly email newsletter, and email alerts based on changes in the markets, you get the Quarterly Grain Stocks Reports.

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