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Market Bulls, Bears Battle Over Crop Condition, Tour Results

Investors try to digest frost possibilities, too.

This week marks the start of the annual crop tours being conducted.

The routes taken are very similar every year in an attempt to correlate results to final state yield data provided by the USDA.

Here’s this week’s Successful Marketing Newsletter.

So far this year, many of the results are lower than the prior year and some are below the three-year average.

The tour will conclude late this week and results will be made public. Many times, the results do not seem to make sense with the daily reports. This is because an adjustment needs to be made for a national yield number.

It would be very difficult for a crop tour to hit every county in every state.

Here’s this week’s Successful Marketing Newsletter.

We continue to see the weekly Crop Progress reports show how slow this year’s crop is progressing. The reports are also showing the good-to-excellent ratings at a flat line. This is indicating that the crop is not improving nor declining.

This is interesting because much of the recent chatter from the bears is that the crop is improving and thus yield potential is getting better.

Read this week’s Successful Marketing Newsletter to get more thoughts on why these crop ratings don’t matter as much as they used to.

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