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Have Grain Marketing Plan Ready for Weather Rally, Successful Marketing Newsletter Says

Updated price targets indicate that it’s time for call options.

The last USDA Report showed corn planting at 15% complete for the week ending April 28. That puts this year’s crop 12% behind the five-year average of 27%. It appears to me that the funds holding the record short position in corn are comparing the planting pace to last year, which was also 15%.

Here is this week’​s Successful Marketing Newsletter.

We are in the key seasonal time of the year to make additional cash and new-crop sales. We have changed the offers out to the July so now it is time to update any old-crop price targets that are working.

Since the March pullback, the U.S. dollar has orchestrated an impressive rally. Although it only involves a three-point move in just over a month, the technical picture is in favor of the bulls.

Year in and year out, there is almost always a weather scare of some degree that pushes prices higher. Buying a call or a call spread now when prices are low is a good time to consider such a plan.

Here is this week’​s Successful Marketing Newsletter.

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