USDA Report Seen Favoring the Corn ‘Bears’

Soybean prices could get a lift from Friday’s data, Successful Marketing Newsletter says.

In a typical year, the November and December USDA Supply and Demand reports do not warrant high levels of uncertainty. That is, traders have a good idea of what will be said regarding U.S production estimates up to that point.

However, 2019 could easily be an exception. Traders are generally expecting to see the report favor the bears for corn and favor the bulls for soybeans. The slow harvest pace this fall does add some volatility as traders are still not certain how the USDA will handle the estimates.

See more USDA prereport thoughts in this week’s Successful Marketing Newsletter.

The U.S. stock market hit new all-time highs this week.

There are many economists and analysts who do not like some of the data from different sectors across the U.S. Some of the data suggests the U.S. is started down the path similar to recent recessions.

However, others would say that a signed trade deal with China will fix those problems. One viable reason the U.S. stock market continues to climb is that foreign investors view the U.S. as the safest option at the moment.

Here’s this week’s Successful Marketing Newsletter.

As we transition from fall to winter, I urge you to get comfortable with a few grain spreads. The time spent familiarizing yourself with these spreads will pay off in the long run.

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