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World Recession Will Scatter Grain Bulls, Successful Marketing Newsletter Says

Are traders becoming complacent, analyst asks.

There is no doubt that the U.S. crop is behind this year.

The trend of the Monday Crop Progress reports have confirmed that all summer.

The August 12 crop report updated the trade with acreage numbers and yield expectations. However, there is a long road to travel before we can say the crop is made this year.

Here is this week’s Successful Marketing Newsletter.

Eight states are 20% or more behind the five-year average for corn dented. We are a handful of days from the calendar rolling to September, and it feels as though the bears have overwhelming control.

Will the complacent mentality hurt the bears once the combines roll?

Read the full article to see what we are hearing about soybeans. Here is this week’s Successful Marketing Newsletter.

South America is gearing up for planting season. The first week of September usually marks the start for Brazil while Argentina kicks into gear later in the month. It is expected that both countries will do what they can to produce as much as possible to take advantage of the trade riff between the U.S. and China.

South America in general is trying to improve infrastructure.

Also, investors are keeping an eye on the health of the economies around the world. A declining world economy could divert investors’ attention away from agricultural commodities.

Read the full article to see what else is happening in Brazil. Here is this week’s Successful Marketing Newsletter.

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