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Brazil’s Soybean Planting Progress Hits 71%

Brazil’s largest soybean-producing state nears completion.

Curitiba consultancy AgRural says that the soybean planting progressed to 71% of the total surface in Brazil, as of Wednesday.

There was an advance of 11 percentage points in one week. The country is estimated to plant 88.4 million acres. The average of the last five years for this period is 57%.

Stunning Planting Weather

In the state of Mato Grosso, the largest producing state, the planting progress reached a stunning 96%. At this same day of last year, just 79% of the area was planted. In the municipality of Nova Mutum, there is an expectation that the harvest would start as early as December 20.

In the state of Paraná, the work has advanced, recovering from the delays in October. AgRural announced that the planting reached 79% of surface, but a local government agency reported this week that the works progressed to 88% of surface.

“This crop has been so impressive. I have never seen such favorable weather in one season. We saw rains in some parts of the state, but I could never plant that fast. We will finish before January,” said agronomist and producer Ricardo Padulla, corn and soybean grower from Colorado, northwest of Paraná, who is used to harvest in January.

In Rio Grande do Sul, the planting reached 39% of the area and good weather is forecast for the coming days.

But bad weater is expected to come for the “Matopiba” reigion. In Maranhão, the northeastern part of the country, there is just 29% of the crop planted with rain forecast. On the other hand, most farmers opted to plant earlier this year, by the end of October. According to soybean farmer Valerio Mattei, this wiill allow for the harvest to occur on time. “That already allowed good germination,” says Mattei.

Farmers Not Selling

Amid the trade war between U.S. and China combined with the expectation of a good harvest, producers are not willing to sell in Brazil. “Buyers are paying nearly $21 (U.S.) per bag (60 kg), but no farmer wants to sell. They expect something better,” says Luiz Fernando Pacheco, an analyst from T&F from Curitiba.

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