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Brazil’s Soybean Planting Progress Nears the Halfway Point

There are rains coming that will delay planting.

Brazil’s major soybean producing state, Mato Grosso, has reached the final stretch to plant soybeans.

According to the Mato Grosso Institute of Agricultural Economics (Imea), the surface planted overcame 90% and is the fastest ever for the period.

In one week, there was an important advance. Nationwide, the crop progress is at 46%, according to last Friday’s report of AgRural, a marketing firm in Brazil.

Rains Are Coming


Rains are expected to reach the North Mato Grosso in the coming days, at least until Saturday. And even more instability is forecast for the Northeastern states of Maranhao, Bahia, and Piaui, and the Center-Western state of Tocantins.

For this group, called Matopiba, the precipitation can reach up to 1.9 inches and complicate planting, says Brazil’s National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet). These states were already affected by rainfall Wednesday, with some cases of over 3.8 inches.

In Parana, the second-largest soybean producer in the country, there are reports of planting delays in a few regions. The reason is excess moisture in corn and soybean areas.

The latest report from Brazil’s National Supply Company (Conab) puts the South American country with a projected production of up to 119.3 million metric tons.


Map provided by Inmet

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