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Mental Health Resources for Farmers and Ranchers

Help is out there. Here’s where to find it.

Mental health is a serious concern for farmers and ranchers and their families and employees. If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800/273-8255. If texting is preferred, text HOME to 741741 for free crisis support 24 hours a day in the U.S.

Learn more about mental health, stress, depression, and suicide, and get tips for helping yourself and others in these articles from Successful Farming magazine:

Mental Health Success Stories
Mental health is a global issue. See how rural communities in other parts of the world are helping those in need.

Be the Light at the End of the Tunnel
Becoming trained in mental health first aid allows you to stand in the gap of a crisis until professional help can be obtained.

FarmHer: Elevating the Mental Health Discussion
We all have bad days, but it's important to discern when it's more than that.

Reach Out to Those Struggling with Mental Health
When you notice someone battling depression or having thoughts of suicide, don't wait for them to ask for help. Here are some tips for reaching out.

FarmHer: Breaking the Silence
When suicide struck this Maryland family, they decided to speak out.

SF Special: Farmer Suicides Today vs. 1980s Farm Crisis
A heart-wrenching article describes how three Iowa farmers took their own lives during the 1980s farm crisis.

Breaking Down Mental Health Barriers in Agriculture
The Do More Ag Foundation is working to bring more mental health awareness to agriculture. The mission of the foundation is to champion the mental wellbeing of all producers.

Assessing Suicide Risks in Farmers
Ohio State University Extension Educator Jami Dellifield shares what to do if you're worried about a family member or friend who may have a mental health illness or be at risk for suicide or harm.

Agriculture Help Hotlines
Mediation and counseling are available to get you through this ag downturn.

Stress Takes a Toll on Health
Farmers and ranchers must find a way to manage the stress in their lives before it affects their mental and physical health.

SF Podcast: Identifying and Assessing Suicide Risks
Jami Dellifield is an Ohio State University Extension Educator from Hardin County, and is a certified Mental Health First Aid instructor.

Friendship Line Offers Seniors a Caring Ear
Friendship and mental health support is just a phone call away for Americans age 60 and over and for adults living with disabilities.

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