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10 Up & Comers in Agriculture in 2017 

In the Successful Farming magazine June/July issue, we featured two groups of farmers who think differently and act accordingly: 10 Successful Farmers and 10 Up & Comers in Agriculture.

For the 10 Up & Comers list, we scoured farm country to find 10 up-and-coming people who are changing the face and pace of agriculture – from the science lab to the board room to the cornfield and everywhere in between. They are innovators, every one.

Click on the links below to read the full story on each.

Jason Mauck: Aiming for Three Cash Crops in Two Years

Gaston, Indiana

“Instead of waiting for everything indirectly to grow, putting all that effort into the soil, we need to have plants actually growing and catching all that energy in leaves and photosynthesis." Read Mauck's story.

Grant Kimberley: Building Relationships to Create Soybean Demand

Ankeny, Iowa

“People like to do business with people whom they know and trust. They aren’t doing business with the farms directly, but they understand the care that goes into that crop and that U.S. farmers are providing the most sustainable crop possible. Buyers want to know that the soybeans are grown using sustainable methods.” Read Kimberley's story. 

Nadia Shakoor: Increasing Crop Yields With Phenode

St. Louis, Missouri

“We need to increase food crop production in the world by at least 2.4% every year to meet growing food demands by 2050, and we are nowhere near that rate of genetic gain. These tools are designed to help crop breeders accelerate the gain.” Read Shakoor's story. 

Rob Leclerc: Bringing Farm Technology, Ideas, and Money Together

San Francisco, California

“Back in 2012 and 2013, it was like the dark ages in agricultural technology. But that’s all changed. I like seeing the impact that AgFunder has on helping to grow the ecosystem of farm technology. Not a week goes by where someone doesn’t thank us for our impact on their business and the industry.” Read Leclerc's story.

Tyler Schnaithman: An American Star Farmer

Garber, Oklahoma

“My brother and I are fifth-generation farmers on a centennial Farm. My great-great grandpa homesteaded here just after the Cherokee Land Run of 1893.” Read Schnaithman's story.

Nathan Katzer: Building 3.8-Acre Tilapia-Production Facility

Ellsworth, Iowa

“Our aquaculture business is my way of attempting to connect my passions, help usher in a new ag-related industry into Iowa, and try to contribute to the overall community where our business exists." Read Katzer's story. 

Paul Brown: Adding Animals Adds Profit, Organic Matter

Bismarck, North Dakota

“These soils developed over thousands of years with grazing animals rotating throughout the landscape. The longer we can keep land and livestock integrated, the healthier our soils will be. If we can mimic the template nature laid out for us, we will continue to build the resilience back into the ecosystem that was damaged.” Read Brown's story.

Casey Hook: Targeting the Top Tier

Lake City, Arkansas

“I want to be at the top – not second best to anyone. We’re getting into a situation where people in our country expect things. I never got participation trophies. I had to win to get something.” Read Hook's story.

Aubrey Fletcher: Value-Added Products Let Family Farm Together

Purdy, Missouri

“We try to be as traditional as possible. We're simple, down-to-earth people trying to make a product families can enjoy for years to come.” Read Fletcher's story.

Meaghan Anderson: Helping Farmers Deal With Palmer Amaranth

Iowa City, Iowa

“I like to have an ability to help farmers be more efficient on their farms. I really enjoy it.” Read Anderson's story.

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