7 Innovations Unveiled at Agritechnica Make Machinery More Efficient

  • Agritechnica 2017

    Chosen from more than 320 innovations, two gold and 29 silver medals were awarded at the 2017 Agritechnica held in Hanover, Germany. Making machinery more efficient is a central theme among the award winners. Following are seven of those innovation award winners who received a silver medal.

  • IDEAL Combine

    New from the ground up, AGCO’s IDEAL combine features a new sensor system that detects the separation processes on the threshing and separation concaves and on the cleaning system. This road-friendly machine doesn’t exceed the 3.3 meter transport width.

  • SmartService 4.0

    This platform from Amazone uses virtual reality to support its customers and technicians. With real-time support, technicians can actually see the problem virtually, which maximizes their time as well as reduce a customer’s downtime.

  • Axion 900 Terra Trac

    This half-track tractor with full suspension from Claas combines the advantages of tracks with the driving comfort of a standard tractor.

  • EZ Ballast

    Developed by John Deere, the EZ Ballast Wheels are weights fitted to a machine’s wheels with a pallet fork. Because the weights are secured with toggle levers, attaching and removing is a one man job.

  • VarioPull

    AGCO’s VarioPull enables an operator to change the implement’s point of attachment up to within 80 cm. of the tractor’s rear axle – on the move, on a horizontal plane – to better distribute the weight.

  • Combine Setting System

    By programming past yields, field topography, and all combine settings based on GPS positioning data, New Holland’s combine setting system can then interpret the information and respond quickly to varying conditions during harvest.

  • e100 Vario

    Powered by a 100 kWh, high-voltage battery, this tractor from AGCO can work for four hours at an average workload. The combustion engine, exhaust, air and fuel systems, as well as the radiator are replaced by the battery block, a compact electric motor and an electric control system.

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