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Agricultural Resource Management Survey deadline extended

Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS) is the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s primary source of information on the production practices, resource use, and economic well-being of America’s farms and ranches.

Farmers are encouraged to respond to the survey, which has been extended to January 14. The survey asks about production practices and data from corn producers.

The results of this survey are the only source of information available for objective evaluation of many critical issues related to agriculture and the rural economy.

Farmer participation in ARMS ensures that policy makers and others, including farmers and ranchers themselves, base important decisions on facts straight from the source.

ARMS also tells the story of American agriculture to the public, which has less and less direct contact with the farm community.

The portion of the survey available asks questions about fertilizer, pesticides, cropping practices, and technology management.

Corn producers in Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Colorado, and Texas have been contacted to participate in the survey.

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