2020: The lost year with a lot to gain

Farmers have learned to expect the unexpected after the events of 2020.

The world was dealt a blow in 2020 with more than 1 million deaths attributed to a global pandemic. COVID-19 might have changed the way people will live and the way businesses will operate forever. For farming, the novel coronavirus has tested the food production, transportation, and distribution systems. Farm families, while trying to socially distance and shelter in place, found that the world still relied on them to continue planting and growing the world’s food supply.

Also in 2020, Mother Nature unleashed other stressors for farmers. With the formation of Tropical Storm Zeta in late October, 2020 has tied 2005 as the most active hurricane season on record. Also, many Midwest states remain on drought watch for the coming spring after dry conditions prevailed throughout late summer. Iowa recorded a historic derecho that caused billions of dollars in crop and grain bin storage damage. 

The following articles highlight what grain and livestock farmers, ag industry officials, and the world learned about their preparedness, effectiveness, and responsiveness to a devastating pandemic and challenging weather conditions.

More turnover and consolidation facing pig farmers



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