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9 Innovations From the 2019 Commodity Classic Trade Show

What’s new and groovy from the Sunshine State.

One of the things I love about Commodity Classic is the robust trade show, where hundreds of purveyors showcase the latest and greatest technology to thousands of farmers in attendance. There’s a lot to see, and while I didn’t see it all, there were a few things that caught my eye.

My parameters for making my “New and Groovy” list for 2019 was simple: What are new solutions that can help farmers get more economic return on their investment? The following is not all-inclusive, but here are some products that may help us all get through 2018 and beyond.  

Improved longevity from new Maxtron synthetic diesel engine oils

Engine oils get little love from their users, but Cenex believes farmers will appreciate longer oil change intervals from Maxtron Enviro-Edge and Maxtron DEO synthetic engine oils. With a new radial polymer technology called “EnduroVis,” these Maxtron oils have an ultra-low shear stability index, maintaining more than 80% of their original viscosity throughout the drain interval. The upshot: better fuel economy and oil change intervals up to 250 or 300 hours, according to the company.

Lucento Fungicide for corn and soybeans

Combining the new active ingredient bixafen with the proven flutriafol mode of action offers growers FMC’s new Lucento fungicide the security of dual mode of action protection against several diseases in corn and soybeans. At a 5-ounce use rate, Lucento has preventive and curative control of Southern rust, gray leaf spot, and Northern leaf blight in corn, with a 1- to 2-bushel yield improvement over competitors. In soybeans, Lucento is effective against frogeye leaf spot and rust diseases for improved seed quality and 1- to 3-bushels-per-acre yield improvement over competitors. It is available for 2019.

Fix N in corn with Envita biological

It sounds almost unbelievable, but the new Envita biological in-furrow or seed treatment product from Azotic allows corn to fix its own nitrogen by forming a symbiotic relationship with the host plant, providing nitrogen in every cell in the plant, throughout the growing season. On 50-acre plots in 11 states in 2018, the average yield increase from Envita was 7 bushels per acre, at a 3.2-ounce-per-acre use rate, which costs $9.75 per acre. Growers can add Envita to existing nitrogen programs to get a yield boost, or use Envita instead and maintain yield. Envita is available for the 2019 growing season.

Biological soil amendment aims to maximize fertility programs

Helena’s new Zypro soil amendment is unique from other microbials in that it is an enzyme (instead of a live ingredient) that reacts with soil organic matter to release plant-available nutrients and enhance native microbial activity in the soil. Using Helena’s VersaShield Formulation Technology, which stabilizes enzymes for up to 60 days, Zypro boosts root growth, nutrient uptake, and helps produce a stress-resistant plant. It may be applied in a 2×2 configuration or in-furrow with most field crops. In four years of field trials, it boosts corn and soybean yield 8 and 2 bushels per acre, respectively. The use rate is 8 ounces per acre, at a suggested retail price of $5.25 per acre.

Planter-box nutrient additive gets corn revved up and ready

Getting corn off to a quick start is the goal of PMZ Dry, a planter box seed treatment, a blend of phosphorous, manganese, and zinc that includes a flowability and lubricating agent to replace talc and graphite. PMZ Dry helps stimulate root growth and gets the corn crop off to a quick start and be “…stronger and more resilient to early-season stress,” says Kyle Lilly, agronomist with Compass Minerals, which produces the product. Yield data shows that PMZ Dry can boost corn yield 3.9 bushels per acre, with a use rate of 3 ounces per unit of seed. It is available in 2019. Depending on the retailer, suggested cost is $1 per acre.

Dealer-applied liquid moly improves soybean health and yield

Rocket Seeds’ new Moly Liquid seed nutrition adds molybdenum, cobalt, and nickel (0-0-2, 9% Mo, .45% Co, .9% Ni); which when combined, aim to improve nitrogen uptake efficiency in soybeans and other N-fixing crops. The boost comes from increased nodulation, and promotion of amino acid, protein, and sugar development in early crop growth. The dealer-applied treatment product is applied at 1.5 ounces per unit, at an MSRP of $3.50 per acre. Agronomist Kyle Lilly says the product has been used for years in Brazil, and when combined with Rocket Seeds’ ProAcqua foliar nutritive additive in U.S. field trials, boosts soybean yields 10.8%.

Soybean treatment protects against Phomopsis​

Soybean producers have been warned about the incidence of phomopsis in seed supplies for 2019. Helena’s Seed Shield Max Beans is one of the few soybean seed treatments that protects against phomopsis, plus phytopthera, pythium, and rhizocotina and key insects, for all-in-one protection. Seed Shield contains five active ingredients, including fludioxonil, sedaxane, mefenoxam, thiamethoxam, and azoxystrobin, for unmatched best-in-class protection. It has a low 3-ounce use rate per hundredweight, yet still improves emergence and stand development, reducing the potential for replant.

For 2020 Season: 4-way protection with new soybean seed treatment

Looking ahead to 2020, BASF anticipates its new Obvius Plus soybean seed treatment will be a good fit for soybean growers who intend to plant earlier. The product – available in September – contains four active ingredients (including fluxapyroxad, pyraclostrobin, and metalaxyl) to boost early-season vigor and plant stands, plus protect against fungal infections that occur when soil is still damp and cool. Obvius Plus offers protection from phytopthora, Pythium, fusarium, and rhizoctonia. 

High-tech liquid monitor instantly catches fertilizer row blocks

SureFire Ag's Sentinel Row Monitoring System
SureFire Ag’s Sentinel row monitor system promises to catch row blockage in starter fertiiizer application systems. Sentinel uses the company’s E-Mag Flow Meter Technology on every row, for accuracy without the need to calibrate, and it requires no moving parts. The benefit? You find and fix row restrictions immediately, ensuring starter fertilizer gets where it needs to be. Sentinel monitors both blockages and restrictions, making it ideal for prescription applications. “Even a partial plug, say something limiting flow by just 15% to 20%, will have significant impact on yield. Sentinel provides assurance that you don’t experience that lost yield,” says Matt Wolters, marketing manager at SureFire. The MSRP for a 16-row system is $8,700.

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