A Stormy Week || High Farm Tech on Display

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    It's been a wet week in much of the nation's center, and that's fueled some major drought reductions in some areas, as well as flooding worries in others. That tops this week's list of stories you need to know in ag.

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    Thursday's update of the U.S. Drought Monitor shows some almost unprecedented shifts in drought conditions in parts of the nation's center, with some areas seeing declines in 2 drought categories from single rain events.

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    That rain's not expected to be much help for the Plains wheat crop, with harvest rapidly making its way north in that region. But, corn and soybean conditions are definitely getting a boost (where they're not being flooded out).

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    So, what are those crops going to yield this fall? "Expectations for the U.S. average corn and soybean yields this year have increased in recent weeks," one economist said this week. "Weather conditions over the past month have been generally favorable for corn emergence and development."

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    Have you certified your acres with USDA? If you're signing up for any of the programs under the new farm bill -- even though that's still months away -- you will need to certify your acres by July 15, just a few short weeks away. See more from farm policy expert Dan Looker.

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    Though the weather's been better for U.S. crops lately, that's not true around the world. So, will an inherently domestic bearish market factor be balanced out by bullish weather abroad? See what the conditions are in a few critical regions here.

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    Turning to the livestock side this week, USDA has given preliminary approval to a vaccine for PEDv, the virus that's ravaged the U.S. hog herd in the last year. Officials say the vaccine will be given to sows to boost their antibodies and hopefully pass them along to newborn piglets.

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    In the last week, the highest technology for the farm has been on display at a series of events along the Tools of the Future Tour, which has made stops in Iowa, Illinois and Indiana. Drones, crop sensors, new planter technology and more is on display at these hands-on events. Check it out here!

As storms crisscrossed the nation's center, drought conditions are slipping and crop conditions are improving. See what else you need to know in ag this week.

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