A week of government-free fall harvest

  • 01

    The combines are still rolling, and the government's still shut down. They're both huge stories in agriculture this week. See what else is happening here!

  • 04

    The shutdown's hit ranchers in South Dakota hardest. That's where a major blizzard hit last weekend, dropping feet of snow and killing thousands of cattle. Now, ranchers are struggling to document losses that they'd ordinarily report to their local FSA offices. Lawmakers are working to restore those services for the affected ranchers.

  • 05

    Weather like that freak snowstorm in the northern Plains is indicative of a unique set of circumstances unfolding this fall: With no clear indication whether we'll see La Nina or El Nino, it's a difficult year to get a clear view of how the winter weather will unfold, one expert said this week.

  • 06

    It's not the weather moving forward, but conditions in the last few months that make this year a good year to avoid much -- if any -- fall tillage, one expert said this week. What are your fall tillage plans?

  • 07

    Though farmers are working hard to get this year's crops in the bin, it's never too early to start looking ahead to next year. But, like many things right now, that's complicated. "Anticipating acreage for 2014 is complicated by unfinished business with respect to 2013 acreage estimates," one economist said this week.

  • 08

    A recent report shows a lot of signs point to a slide in farm income levels in the next 2 years. Here, farmers & Agriculture.com Farm Business Talk members share their ideas on how to cut back on expenses to ease the blow of less income.

  • 09

    There is one bright spot in the crop balance sheet moving forward; diesel prices may be on their way down, according to one economist's recent estimate. So, will you cash in and buy at the low, or stick to your usual buying habits?

The government's shutdown continues...and so does corn and soybean harvest.

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