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Agoro Carbon separates from Yara

Agoro Carbon Alliance announces it will become an independent business, effective April 1 2022.

This move makes Agoro Carbon Alliance a full legal entity separate from Yara and is part of the business’s long-term strategy to decarbonize agriculture.

Agoro Carbon Alliance will remain 100% owned and backed by Yara. Following the separation, all Agoro Carbon Alliance’s existing contracts with growers, partners and vendors will be transferred unchanged to the new company.

After legally formalizing this independence, Agoro Carbon Alliance is taking the next step on its journey to becoming a high-impact global business.

By ensuring strategic control and flexibility, Agoro Carbon Alliance is even better able to help its farmer partners succeed in their decarbonization journeys, unlocking increased profitability and environmental benefits for farms around the world.

Additionally, this independent status opens longer-term possibilities for new investors to join the alliance of farmers, ranchers, agronomists, co-ops, retailers, and other businesses.

Alex Bell, CEO of Agoro Carbon Alliance, says, “Our independent status gives us the best of both worlds: enabling Yara’s full strategic backing of Agoro Carbon, while giving us even more operational flexibility. Agoro Carbon will continue to focus on practical agronomic excellence and be input and practice agnostic. The separation underscores our intent and confirms our ability to be entirely focused on providing best in class and unbiased farmer enablement to generate premium environmental assets for responsible buyers and investors.”

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