All around Agritechnica: Day 2

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    As day two of Agritechnica in Hannover, Germany, comes to a close, we came across solutions for all different types of operations. Exhibitors span across 47 countries with the biggest contingency out of Italy.

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    Fendt X-Concept

    Fendt has a tractor under development, the X-Concept, which generates 130 kilowatts of generator power. “Electricity has its advantages because there is no efficiency loss,” notes Stephan Bea, Fendt. “The Fendt X-Concept tractor should be available in the market in around three years.”

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    Farm vehicle safety

    Cambridge Consultants’ sensor uses advanced radar to provide 3D, wide-angle detection and tracking of multiple objects. With a field of view of 150 degrees left to right and 90 degrees up and down this technology knows the speed at which an object is coming toward the tractor. It then tracks its path and determines if it is a threat.

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    Separating rocks and clods of mud from potatoes just got easier thanks to AirSep. This technology, which is from Grimme, gently floats potatoes above the conveyor, while stones and clods drop down, pass through a segmented area, and move to a removal belt on the side of the machine. A four-row potato harvester with this technology is about 180,000 Euros.

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    Horsch boom guidance

    The Horsch Leeb boom control is an active boom, which allows the boom to down close its target. In addition, the active boom can adjust to the contour of the terrain, which minimizes the negative influence of wind.

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    Fendt Exchangeable hydraulic couplings

    Change over or retrofit from standard or flatface couplings with Fendt’s exchangeable hydraulic couplings. The coupling block and flatface coupling minimize leakage and flow losses. In addition, you can hitch and unhitch under pressure with minimal oil loss.

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    Lemken Swingcut

    On today’s sprayers semi-active cushioning systems have helped control the boom’s movements. Lemken is hoping to improve on this concept with their Swingcut innovation. With the help of a 3D camera, the boom’s movements are recorded. If they exceed the calibrated values, Swingcut intervenes continuously to optimize the boom’s position.

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    Better mix and spray liquids with Cambridge Consultants’ Vortik technology. This technology allows different liquids to be mixed at the point of spray yet doesn’t change the spray characteristics. In addition, a user can change the rate of spray by adjusting the pressure. Yet, as the rate is adjusted, the droplet size remains the same.

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    Online Harvest Simulator

    Claas’s new Online Simulator maps on a PC interface the complete working behavior of harvest machinery under different conditions. New or experienced machinery operators can train with the simulator before harvest to boost productivity and reduce operating faults.

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    Hitch Assist

    With the push of a button, you can now move a tractor forward and backward from outside the cab. John Deere’s Hitch Assist allows you to hook up implements more easily and safely. The system is operated with the hand brake activated, so it can also be used on slopes.

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    Horsch Precision Drill Meter

    Delivering one seed at a time. That’s the basic concept behind Horsch’s Precision Drill Meter. The seedbed is prepared from a central hopper with the help of a central metering unit. The seed is then sent pneumatically to the seed row via a deflector distributor head.

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    Smart Irrigation

    John Deere’s Smart Irrigation system lets the farmer plan and control site- and plant-specific irrigation based on real-time measurements of the soil water content and wirelessly transfers measurements to the farm office.

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