Bayer PLUS Rewards 2021 program year launches

Bayer Crop Science officials say program offers farmers flexibility, financial rewards.

Bayer Crop Science is launching its second year for the Bayer PLUS Rewards grower program – a portfolio of what Bayer officials term high-performance seed and crop protection products. The program is designed to provide growers with more flexibility and rewards on eligible purchases all season long, say Bayer officials. 

Within the Bayer PLUS portal, growers can access all their eligible purchases at once and see how they have earned rewards with increased transparency. Enrollment is evergreen, so growers will not need to enroll again into the 2021 program. In addition, the 2021 program has remained consistent with only subtle changes made to maximize the program value for growers, say Bayer officials. 

“The continuation of the Bayer PLUS Rewards program is an exciting opportunity,” said Josh VanDeWalle, Bayer PLUS lead, in a Bayer press release. “Growers have access to additional tools, products, and ways to earn more rewards. The 2021 program year will help growers tackle the toughest challenges with more choice, flexibility, and simplicity.” 

Bayer retail partners are critical to the success of this program, say Bayer officials. In 2021, company officials say Bayer will continue to improve the tools and communication to retail partners around the Bayer PLUS Rewards program, both in the retail portal and in email communications. This will help build on an important alliance to bring growers more profitable solutions, Bayer officials say.

“Bayer PLUS Rewards helps retailers provide flexible choices from our broad portfolio of high-performance products. Establishing a strong partnership between Bayer’s sales force, our retailers, and customers creates trust and drives positive business results,” said Chris Turner, Bayer U.S. country division head, in a Bayer news release. 

By visiting growers can access the Bayer PLUS Rewards Calculator, which allows them to maximize rewards with this season’s purchases to invest in their operation.  The calculator helps to make key input decisions throughout the season, as growers work through their crop protection purchases with their local retail partner, say Bayer officials. 

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